We support and partner with a number of local, provincial, national and international organizations including:

Nicola Valley Food Bank

Nicola Valley Shelter and Support Society

Kids Rock Bible Camp

BC Adult and Teen Challenge

PAOC International Missions

ERDO – Emergency Relief and Development Organization

You can give a designated donation to missions and all funds are distributed to one of our partners.

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International missionaries we partner with

Prem Sewa Shikshan Sangh

Location: India

Ministry Focus: Prem Sewa Shikshan Sangh was established in October 1981 by its founder, Frank M. Juelich. The boys’ home, “Kalpana Bhavan” and the girls’ home, “Indira Bhavanhad” care for and educate thousands of children each year. In December 1994, Mr. Yohan Raut became President of the society. In December 2004, Mr. Bapu Desai was appointed Administrator of the hostels and in March 2010, as the Director. Both Mr. Raut and Mr. Desai are products of the home.

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Nelson and Lisa Monteiro

Location: João Pessoa, Brazil/ Victoria, BC, Canada

Ministry Focus: One27 is a local church based institute that works to bring holistic transformation to children and families in needy communities. The Institute also equips young Christian university students and professionals with a Christian worldview to impact society and to be God’s agents of transformation through their vocations.

Nelson is also the facilitator of The Disciple Nations Alliance (DNA) Brazil. DNA is a global network of evangelical churches and organizations. It exists to help the church rise to her full potential as God’s principal agent in restoring, healing and blessing broken nations. This purpose is accomplished by equipping God’s people in local churches to be agents of transformation in society.

Ministry History: Nelson was sent to Canada in 1989 as a missionary/church-planter to the Portuguese-speaking people. In 1994 he completed a Master of Divinity degree from Regent College.

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